Betty's Quiz 1 about Martin Luther

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1. Luther played this musical instrument while studying at the University of Erfurt:
a: Harpsichord
b: Violin
c: Lute

2. As a young man,  Luther's basic attitude toward God was this:
a: Love
b: Fear
c: Indifference

3. In his Small Catechism, Luther wrote that were sins are forgiven, there is life and this:
a: Peace
b: Joy
c: Salvation

4. Which sins did Luther say people should confess to a confessor:
a: Those we know about
b: Those we don't know about
c: Both those we know about and those we don't

5. According to the Augsburg Confession, repentance consists of contrition and this:
a: Good works
b: Guilt
c: Faith

6. In the Small Catechism, Luther defines "daily bread" as this:
a: Bread
b: Fellowship with God
c: Everything that nourshes the body and meets it needs

7. When Luther was hidden at Wartburg, a portrait was done of him. Who was the painter?
a: Durer
b: Rembrandt
c: Cranach

8. How old was Martin Luther when he first read a Bible?
a: 6
b: 18
c: 25

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