Betty's Quiz 2 about Martin Luther

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1. In Luther's explanation of the First Commandment (found in the Large Catechism), Luther states "That upon which you set your heart and put your trust is":
a: True worship
b: Genuine prayer
c: Your God

2. In his commentary on Galatians, Luther defined this as God's mighty hammer:
a: The law
b: Death
c: Hell

3. In "The Freedom of a Christian," Luther stated that the entire scripture of God is divided into two parts:  commandments and this:
a: Gospel
b: Prophecy
c: Promises

4. In reflecting on changes since he married, Luther wrote a friend saying "One wakes up in the morning and finds:
a: Katie, his wife up and working
b: Pigtails on the pillow
c: The aroma of coffee brewing

5. According to Luther, the chief thing in the Lord's supper is this:
a: The Bread
b: The Wine
c: God's Word

6. According to Luther, baptism is water with this:
a: Faith
b: The sign of the cross
c: The Word of God

7. Luther wrote that good works don't make a person good, but a good person does this:
a: Good works
b: Prayer
c:Bible Study

8. The first Protestant hymnal appeared in 1524 A.D. and contained eight hymns, four of them written by this Lutheran:
a: Johann Sebastian Bach
b: George F. Handel
c: Martin Luther

9. At what age did Luther begin studying his bachelor of arts degree?
a: 13
b: 15

10. In Luther's Lecture on Galatians, he states that the first step on the way to salvation is to do this:
a: Repent
b: Pray
c: Give thanks to God

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