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1. In Psalm 51, David asks for God's mercy based on this:
a. David's deep regret
b. God's steadfast love and compassion
c. David's past faithfulness

2. Jesus said that this person is greatest in the kingdom of heaven:
a. Those who humble themselves like a child
b. Those who give their lives for another
c. Those who pray without ceasing

3. The Apostle Peter told believers to do this with their anxiety:
a. Seek empathy from others
b. Cast it on God
c. Be patient for it would pass

4. According to the writer of Hebrews, there is no forgiveness without this:
a. Blood
b. Prayer
c. Humility

5. This individual became queen of the Persian empire and helped save the Jewish people:
a. Jezebel
b. Bathsheba
c. Ester

6. This New Testament book is positioned between Philippians and 1 Thessalonians:
a. Titus
b. Colossians
c. Galatians

7. This prophet annointed first Saul, then David, king of Israel:
a. Elijah
b. Samuel
c. Hosea

8. According to the gospel of Matthew, these individuals will see God:
a. The poor in spirit
b. Those that mourn
c. The pure in heart

9. This Old Testament book is positioned between the books of Isaiah and Lamentations
a. Leviticus
b. Jeremiah
c. Ecclesiastesk

10. Through a vine and a worm, the Lord taught this Old Testament prophet that he
needed to be more compassionate toward people, especially the people of Ninevah:
a. Micah
b. Jonah
c. Thomas

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