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1. A tenth of one's income set aside for the Lord is called:
a. blessing
b. commandment
c. commitment
d. tithe

2. Who was swallowed by a whale?
a. Nahum
b. Jonah
c. Micah
d. Joel

3. Which book of the Bible is the most important existing collection of Hebrew religious poetry?
a. Psalms
b. Proverbs
c. Ecclesiastes
d. Song of Solomon

4. Who succeeded King David and became the third king of Israel?
a. Saul
b. Herod
c. Solomon
d. Adonijah

5. Who experienced a dramatic conversion to Christianity on the road to Damascus?
a. Paul
b. Simon Peter
c. David
d. Barnabas

6. What Old Testament prophet preached tithing?
a. Obadiah
b. Zechariah
c. Zephaniah
d. Malachai

7. The first four books of the New Testament are called:
a. beatitudes
b. Ten Commandments
c. gospels
d. books of inspiration

8. Who wrote most of the Psalms?
a. Isaiah
b. Solomon
c. David
d. Jeremiah

9. Who was called Saul of Tarsus before his conversion to Christianity?
a. Paul
b. Timothy
c. John Mark
d. Silas

10. Which disciple was the "doubter"?
a. Matthew
b. Andrew
c. Thomas
d. Peter

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