Cabarrus County, North Carolina, Plats and Maps

Land Lying on the Waters of Rocky River by Dr. H. Mitchel Simpson and Dr. A. B. Pruitt
This book contains a brief land history beginining in 1737, when the Crown (King George II) delivered to Murray Crymble and James Huey, trustees for Henry McCulloh, twelve 100,000 acre Great Tracts lying on the waters of the Upper Pee Dee, Cape Fear, and Neuse rivers. Four of these Great Tracts encompassed most of the land that became Cabarrus County, North Carolina.

It contains an accurate map of the Great Tracts and nineteen 11" x 17" color maps (~ 8,000 - 12,000 acres each) consisting of approximately 1500 individual plats for grants from the King and State and the wealthy Irishmen and Englishmen who owned the Great Tracts. The maps show the streams and major modern day roads and county boundaries which enables one to fairly accurately locate the original settlers ...."the plantation on which I now live, land lying on the waters of __________ stream..".

The timeline for the formation of Cabarrus County: see NC State Library and Family History .

Bladen was formed from New Hanover in 1734
Anson County from Bladen 1750, between SC and Va to the South Seas
Rowan from Anson 1753 , along Lord Granville's Line ( 350 34' )
Mecklenburg from Anson 1762, by a Line beginning at Lord Carteret's [Granville's] Line. Six Miles North East from Captain Charles Hart's plantation on Buffalo Creek, and to run from thence to the Mouth of Clear Creek which empties itself into Rocky River
Cabarrus from Mecklenburg 1792 : 233,000 acres, 364 sq miles

Bruce Pruitt; Box 815; Whitakers, NC 27891

Excerpts from Cabarrus County, North Carolina, Plats and Maps 1747-1916
A listing of each grantee, the grant # or grantor, the acreage, and the Map# is in the Master Index
Table of Contents: Page
General Introduction Cabarrus County grants i
Table 1: King's grants in Anson County iii
Table 2: Dobbs' sales in Anson County iii
Table 3: Dobbs' sales in Mecklenburg County iii
H E McCulloh's deed of surrender iv
Table 4: McCulloh's NE & SE baronies iv
Table 5: Mitchell's sales in Mecklenburg County iv
Table 6: Frew's land sales in Cabarrus County iv
Cowan's sales in Cabarrus County v
Colonial surveying introduction v
McCulloh's tracts vi
Meeting houses & churches vii
Confiscated or Escheated Land vii
South Carolina grants in Cabarrus County viii
Bibliography viii
John Brandon warrant & David Cowan's land
Great tracts 1-6 Great tracts
Index Map index
King's land Northwest Cabarrus County Map-1
King's land Afton Cr to Little Coldwater Cr Map-2
King's land Lick Br to Shanny Wolf Cr Map-3
King's land Northeast Cabarrus County Map-4
Hardin-Mitchell barony Map-5
Poplar Tent Presbyterian Church Map-6
Concord Town Map-7
St. John's Lutheran Church Map-8
Cowan's land Map-9
Ephraim D Harris' land Map-10
McCulloh's Southeast barony Map-11
Coddle Cr to English Buffalo Cr; Rocky River North Map-12
Cold Springs Map-13
Barrier's store Map-14
Rocky River Presbyterian Church Map-15
St. Martin's Lutheran Church Map-16
Rocky River to Great tract 2 Map-17
Reed Gold Mine Map-18
Hiram Bost-Monroe Meteorite 1841 Map-19
Master Index 20-27
Index Map
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