Tower 30" Edger

Tower 30 inch edger manufactured in Michigan probably prior to WWII with two 2 1/2 x 14" inserted bit saws containing 14 bits each, originally with all babbitt bearings and flat belt drive. From the condition it was in when I purchased it ($250) it must have edged millions of board feet... all of the bearings were extremly worn. Thus, I replaced the mandrel babbitt bearings with 1 15/16 inch pillow blocks and machined new bronze bushings for the feed rollers and heavy idler roller. The flat belt drive was replaced with a PTO jackshaft and 14" 3 groove B belt sheave and a 7" sheave on the saw mandrel. To improve tracking infeed and outfeed rubber tires were added. At 540 RPM PTO speed the lineal feed rate is 120 feet per minute.
Additional Images:
Infeed view 32 x 72 inch table with three dead rollers
Saw Blades view
Outfeed view 32 x 60 inch table with two dead rollers
PTO drive view
Feed belts with added idler sheave
Adjustable saw slider assembly , replaces the original slider with square telescopic tubing
Setworks , slides the adjustable saw along the mandrel
Yoke , slides the adjustable saw along the mandrel

The Original Edger