Paul Furr had numerous tracts of land of which he willed specific acreage to his wife Mary and to each of his sons. The administrator of both Paul's and Mary's wills was Martin Widenhouse. The image below summarizes the interpretation of the wills by Widenhouse and the surveyors. He did an admirable execution of the will for Mary as the acreage, 637 , was larger than the grants and purchased land. The area in yellow was the land willed to Mary. She in turn specifically willed and deeded 100 acres to Leonard a few months before she died. After her death, Daniel was the high bidder for the 537 acres less one acre for the family cemetery. Paul willed the upper two tracks (120 and 150 acres) to Leonard and the Wilhelm land to the east of Dutch Buffalo to Daniel as well as the land on the previous image Henry Furr's Lands

Winter 2007 Mitch Simpson