Sawing yellow poplar and log turner

I used the worm gear drive (30 to 1 ratio) which turned the tines on a garden tiller. It was originally powered by a 5 HP horizontal engine. Gave a guy $5 for it. I cut off the unused side of the output shaft and attached a 14 tooth sprocket ( # 50 roller chain) through a simple clutch to the other side. A roller chain drives the winch drum (2.5" diameter x 5'' length) via a 36 tooth sprocket (from an old JD wheat drill) attached to a 1 1/8" drive shaft ( keyed). A 3/4 HP 1725 RPM electric motor with a 3" pulley drives the worm gear which has a 4" pulley mounted on the original drive shaft. The motor is actuated by a reversing switch for power in and out. Disengaging the clutch allows free spooling. A maximum tension of 1600 lbs stalls the motor and protects the system. It will turn a log in a few 10's of seconds...less than a minute. Constructing the winch took some minimal machining. I have a Bridgeport mill and a very old 20" Springfield lathe which helped.
Images are below.
hoist/cable log turner log turner cantilevered beam and cable close up of winch
Clutch and chain drive Worm gear drive and motor Cantilever jib crane
View of sawmill JD 350 Track Loader Fork Lift JD350
Yellow Poplar or Tulip poplar YellowPoplar 18 inch boards