1911 Map of Phoenix Mine Area

The road to the north of the Phoenix is the Phoenix Mine Rd. (now Miami Church Rd), to the south is the old Wadesboro Rd (now NC HWY 200), to the east is Mt. Pleasant-Salisbury Rd. Note the old Field Schools the McGraw to the west and the Petrea to the east of the Phoenix. These were replaced by the Phoenix and the High Point Schools by 1915.
NOTE: The "squiggly" line to the left of the Phoenix is Hamby Branch, the westward boundary of #9 township. Cold Springs South Rd and Joe Bost Rd are not portrayed on this map. The road just to the east of the Phoenix is an old wagon road (present entrance to Walden Pond) and the next road to the east would be a continuation of the Joe Bost Rd south which ran by High Point School and earlier to the Petrea school on the way to Bost Mill . 1911 Map of the Phoenix Mine Area