Mineral Rights

"SUBJECT, however, to the following described interest retained and reserved to the grantors, the parties of the first part, their successors, distributes and assigns forever in both of the two tracts of land above described, namely, all metals and minerals of every kind and character whatsoever in and underlying the entire body of said two tracts of land and the right to excavate therein and thereon for such metals and minerals, together with the right of ingress, egress, and regress over and through said lands for the purpose of mining, digging and removing therefrom any and all metals and minerals therein and thereon, provided that no digging for prospecting shall be done within a radius of 200 yards from the present dwelling house thereon and provided further that the grantees herein, their heirs and assigns shall receive reasonable compensation for any damage done to growing crops on said land due to any mining operations thereon."
--------------------------------- But what about fine homes and golf courses and newly incorporated towns?????? In 1946 the Chapins, no more than I, could even dream that the old mining land would be for anything other than mining, crops and timber!
------copied from the deed ----------