Phoenix Gold Mine Cabarrus County, NC

In the late 1800's the Phoenix Mine was considered...."One of the states most significant resources."
Period of operation: 1829-1955 intermitent
Gold recovered: 25,000 ounces
Number of workers: Max 500+
Value at time mined: $950,000
To place this seemingly low value in perspective consider that the area of #9 township is 19,013 acres with a 1910 value of $147,480.00
Main shafts: 640 ft. deep; 5,000 ft. of lateral works (tunnels)
Location:Green Oaks Golf Course, Concord, NC ........GPS LATITUDE: 35.3497 , LONGITUDE: -80.4992
The Concord Post Office delivered mail to the mine post office twice daily around 1905.
Thomas Edison visited the mine.
Approximately 1,250,000 cubic feet of rock extracted (Paul M. Tyler, 1955).
The Miami Mining Co. provided the lumber for the Miami Church and Reeves Chapel. Thus the Phoenix Mine Rd. eventually became the Miami Church Rd.

In 1900 the Miami Mining Company was chartered in West Virginia, but owned by Charles Augustus Chapin from Chicago. The name Miami was probably chosen in honor of the Miami Indians who were prominent in the upper mid west. It is a very common name in that region....the Miami River flows through Dayton, Ohio and Miami University is also in Ohio. Charles' father owned the richest iron mine every discovered in America. He named his mining company Menominee Mining Company probably for the Menominee Indians in the UP of Michigan.
Note: In 1900 the city Miami in Florida was a "trifling place"!