Dutch Buffalo Creek Meeting House

Mitch Simpson (Spring 2009)

See a brief history of St John's Lutheran Church, Cabarrus Co, NC . According to this article in 1770 the congregation moved westward a mile or so. It was impossible to buy new unsettled land at this time since the area of the church was in Great Tract 5 which was owned by the heirs of Governor Arthur Dobbs who died in 1765. In 1778 this Great Tract was confiscated by the new State of North Carolina and land entries could be applied for.

The 98 acre land grant was obtained by Jacob Faggert, Mark House, and Jacob Teem: Note this area was a part of Mecklenburg County until 1792.

Information from the North Carolina State Archives
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 File No. 3084, Jacob Fagot, Mark House, and Jacob Feine (In trust for the   
  Dutch Buffaloe Meeting House)                                               
 Acres: 98
 Grant No.: 189
 Issued: Oct. 22, 1782
 Entry No.: 375
 Entered: Aug. 3, 1779
 Book: 42   Page: 288
 Location: Beginning at a Red Oak
 Remarks: In trust for the Congregation at Dutch Buffaloe Meeting House
  Mecklenburg County                         
 S.108.841      611-617   
the entry ; the land grant survey ; the deed

"The Entry of Aug. 3, 1779"
Note the reference to ...."being in Great Tract No. 5 of Governor Dobbs land"

The State of North Carolina Land Grant No. 189

The deed was recorded in Mecklenburg Deed Book 12, Page 675