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Circular Sawmill info and supplies

Pictures of circular sawmill and equipment:
J. A. Vance No. 00 Sawmill
Flatbelt_drive... 1/4 by 9" duck, pulleys: 24" mandrel, 20" PTO
Vee-Belt drive, 4 #162 C belts, Sheaves:16" mandrel, 15" PTO
PTO drive with slip clutch
Long flat belt drive
John Deere G and saw logs
Southern Short Leaf pine saw logs
John Deere W power unit, Vance Circular Sawmill
Ken-Jake_Sawmilling.JPG, Tire drive
Offbearing Rollers
Saw-46inch #3, 8 gauge, 34 bits
Sawing John Deere 730 Diesel
Saw Dust Drag Chain
Sawing 1947 John Deere G
Tower Edger, Original
30" Tower Edger, PTO drive
Upset Swage Instructions