Underneath Husk Frame Saw Dust Drag Chain

View of saw dust pole and pile with # 55 chain and 2"x4" paddles every 6 to 8 feet.

Overall view of drive mechanism . A 3.5" split vee pulley is mounted on the saw mandrel which drives an 8" pulley attached to a 1 to 1 right angle gear box (an old reel driver from a Massey-Harris combine). A 14 tooth sprocket (all # 50 roller chain) is connected to 36 tooth sprocket which drives the drag chain via a 18 tooth sprocket (from an old John Deere wheat drill). At a mandrel speed of 600 RPM, the drag chain has a linear speed of about 250 ft per minute or about 3 miles per hour.

A closeup of the vee belt and right angle gear box.