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The land that eventually became the main Phoenix Mine site was to be a land grant to John Miller with Entry No. 452 entered Mar 1,1779. He died before the land was granted and Nathan Orr was appointed administrator of his estate.

The entry......"a tract of land containing 200 acres in the county aforesaid (Mecklenburg) on the Plum Run joining Elizabeth Miller's line on the North west side..".

The sworn chain bearers were Andrew Carriker who owned the land to the east and his brother George had the land to the south. Unfortunately, David Hart's tract was a good 30 acres to the west. At this time the north side was ajacent to vacant land soon to belong to John Barnhart. The north, east, and south borders have remained intact until this date, Spring 2006. The actual land grant #699 was issued Aug 7, 1787. Elizabeth Miller through the efforts of Orr purchased the original John Young 115 acre tract "lying in the fork of Plum Run and Hamby Run" from Charles Keagle (Cagle)...Mecklenburg Deed 9/214,215 April 16, 1778. Acting as administrator, Nathan Orr sold the 166 acre grant to Andrew Miller... Mecklenburg Deed 15/355 Feb. 10, 1797.

The Vanderburgs:

Francis..(1749-1815) and his wife Christina (Lytaker) ...(1776-1834)
Daughters: Leah, Sally, Rosanah; Sons: John and Francis

"This indenture made in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety seven on the 22 day of February between Andrew Miller of the County of Mecklenburg & State of North Carolina of the one part and Francis Vanderburg, Black Smith, of the County of Cabarrus & state aforesaid of the other part. Witness that for and in consideration of the sum of Ninety Five pounds of lawful money of said state to me in hand paid....." The above described Nathan Orr land.... Cabarrus Deed 2/356.

Note: Cabarrus was formed from Mecklenburg in 1792.

The Sept. 11, 1811 purchase of the estate of George Wilhelm from his widow Eve. Deed 8/62:
Contained three tracts of land all on the waters of Hamby Run
1. The 100 acre tract which was the original land grant to Geo. Carriker #403
2. The 28 acre tract which was the original land grant to John Finney #469
3. The 26 acre tract which was the original land grant to Geo. Wilhelm #832

Two land grants:
1. To the east of the above lands #446, 24 acres , 11/24/1813
2. Along the western side of the Wilhelm properties, #474 , ~ 1 acre, 11/29/1815

Dutch Buffaloe Creek: Deed 8/47 (July 16, 1811)
Two thirds interest of 387 acre Philip Lytaker tract (Grant #75), to the east of the above lands.
Philip Lytaker willed his three daughters Christina, Mary, and Elizabeth equal shares. Francis purchased Elizabeth's share through her husband, Elijah Perry. This land was near Paul Furr and Paul Barringer.

Francis died intestate in 1815 and as usual the county appointed a committee to divide the land. Nearby neighbors Philip Carriker, John Barnhart, Geo. Smith, and Geo. Miller gave each of the five children 1/5 part (52 acres) of Hamby Run (260 acres) and 1/5 (51 acres) of the 2/3 part of the Buffalo Creek (387 acres). Strangely, no mention was made of the widows' dower rights for Christina. Presumably the 166 acre homeplace, where she lived, was her share???

Shortly after Francis died Christina made a deed of trust with Jacob Lytaker (her brother?) Cabarrus deed 10/366 (Feb. 1, 1823) " gray mare & one sorrel mare six head of cattle four head of sheep five head of hogs one wagon & one still one sett of black smith tools ....." house hold goods ....."in the sum of five hundred dollars...... it is further agreed by & between the parties that C. Vanderburg bargins & sells unto Jacob Lytaker her right of Dower in the lands where she now resides...."

John purchased his sister Sally's and her husband Hiram Smith's 1/5 interest in the 166 acre homeplace. Deed 12/408 (11/3/1834). He also purchased Leah and James Anderson's 1/5 of the Buffaloe Creek lands. Deed 11/405 (5/12/1831)

In 1832 her daughter, Leah (Vanderburg) Anderson and husband James, sold her 1/5 "right title interest & claim ... to the tract of land on which Christina Vanderburg now lives.." to David Storke and six others who formed the Cabarrus Gold Mining Co. Deed 11/453. As with most of these early mining companies foreclosure was soon to occur. In 1834 at the court ordered sale "....that the same seven persons (Cabarrus Gold Mining Co.) with three others (Vanderburg heirs) are seized as tenants in common of another tract of land in Cabarrus County containing about 160 acres that the seven persons own two fifths parts of said 160 acres and the three others own the three fifths thereof that it cannot be divided without a manifest sacrifice of the interest and they pray a sale...." this third tract..." the tract of land on which Francis Vanderburg died seized and possessed and on which Christina Vanderburg his widow afterwards lived adjoining the lands of Jacob Smith (to the west) and Philip Carriker ( to the south) and Henry Carriker ( to the east) including what is commonly called and known by the name Vanderburg Gold Mine containing one hundred and sixty acres more or less..." Deed 12/438

This 1834 foreclosure sale ended any Vanderburg ownership of the 166 acre homeplace!

On Dec 25, 1852 the Phoenix Gold Mining Co. was formed by northern capitalist. They purchased the above described land and thereafter the mine was known as the Phoenix Gold Mine. Today, Spring 2006, it is home to the Green Oaks Golf Course.

To be continued!

Mitch Simpson